MSA Thermal Stimulator Refurbished Device

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Key application
• Quantification of small fibre function

Key features
• Thermal stimuli with high accuracy and repeatability
• Thermodes of different sizes, that easily can be exchanged, adapting the Somedic MSA to tests at different anatomical locations
• A dedicated Windows program that handles all set-ups and running of the Somedic MSA, as well as storage of the results in a standard Access databases, that facilitates the generation of various types of reports

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The Modular Sensory Analyzer for thermal testing

The Somedic MSA is an advanced diagnostic system which has evolved from Somedic SenseLab´s extensive experience in developing and manufacturing sensory equipment. Somedic MSA sets a new standard in function, performance and safety, meeting the requirements of the most demanding user.

The Somedic MSA is a modular system, giving users the option to upgrade and/or add new functions. Also our modular components facilitate service and maintenance. All communication with the Somedic MSA goes by the standard serial port. A (lap top) computer is sufficient for efficient work.

The Thermal Stimulator features an innovative new design in thermodes. The new thermodes offer high thermal capacity and exceptionally even temperature distribution across the thermode surface. The thermodes include dual temperature sensors on the thermode surface and a third on the thermode heat exchanger.

The refurbished Somedic MSA Thermal Stimulator unit will be delivered with a brandnew Standard Thermode 25×50.

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